How To Give Tired High Heels A New Lease Of Life

How To Give Tired High Heels A New Lease Of..

How To Give Tired High Heels A New Lease Of Life

How To Give Tired High Heels A New Lease Of Life Our shoes go through a lot. Your favourite pair will be worn for mile after mile and will likely have trodden on a lot over the time you have owned them. We may be able to get new shoes whenever we want, but today’s consumerist culture has got a lot to answer for and to live more ethical and sustainable lives, we should all learn to reduce, re-use and recycle. Our ancestors, even in quite recent history, knew all about make do and mend. But modern women have forgotten even these most basic of principles and will often spend money on a huge number of inferior quality shoes rather than going for one or two quality pairs and taking care of them.
You should buy only high heels that you intend to keep and wear for years. When you own only very special items you will likely take better care of them and will be able to enjoy those perfect pieces for a lot longer. You may not realise it, but tired high heels can often be repaired, their heels can be refined and renewed. A cobbler, once a basic, common feature of our high streets, can still be found and will be able to help you to rescue heels that you may have deemed to be beyond repair.
But even before the services of a cobbler become necessary, there are a few things that you can do to improve your high heels and make them look almost new again. These measures may not seem like much, but they really can prolong the life of your shoes, save you money and help the planet into the bargain.
Firstly, a little polish can go a long way. If your high heels have become a little scuffed and are looking tired, a little polish, for a matt or shiny polish can help you to make them look almost brand new again. Polish can be used on leather or faux leather and choosing the right polish is easy – simply research on-line to find out which polish to use for your particular shoes.
Suede or faux suede high heel shoes can also easily be given a new lease of life. Firstly, brush the matted suede pile with a soft bristle toothbrush to release the fibres and clean any loose dirt or debris from the shoes. Any muddy patches can be cleaned with a balled up piece of bread.
Any metal buckles, fasteners or pieces can be gently cleaned using a combination of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar. Making shiny pieces that have dulled in use shiny once more will help to make your shoes look near new again.
Finally, if the shoes have become a little odorous with age, simply sprinkle bicarbonate of soda into them, leave overnight and then vacuum them out the next day. Shoes may well feel newer as well as looking newer and you can hold onto your favourite pair of high heels for longer.
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