MoKacam 4K Camera, My Go-To for Outdoor Activities

An action camera is a separate class of video cameras,..

MoKacam 4K Camera, My Go-To for Outdoor Activities


An action camera is a separate class of video cameras, which has rapidly gained its popularity. It is designed for shooting in extreme conditions: sport, rescue and special operations, and dynamic activities and events. The most commonly, it is used in motorcycle and racing at the downhill mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding, with jumps from bridges, with parachutes and other entertainment. And the MoKacam 4K is such a high-performance action and life camera, of which the smallest 4K life camera I have ever heard. With it, you can record your life with more details. And now, let’s check it in detail.

This Mokacam outdoor camera has a pretty strong feature set, including a 16M sensor, a decent Sony sensor, 152-degree wide-angle lens that made of 7-layer professional optical glass, hot-swappable magnetic batteries, and a supporting for 4K video shooting at 25fps, software stabilization, and motion detection. Some of these features address the major pain points found in all action cameras.

The Mokacam comes with a waterproof case, which making it capable of being underwater up to 60m. It gets two powerful magnets integrated into the design. And the inherent magnetic back means you can mount the Mokacam on metal surfaces directly, with no need of accessories. In a similarly practical vein, the attachable LCD screen has its own 1100mAh built-in battery so that it doesn’t drain the 1000mAh one inside the camera. By the way, the screen supports 270-degree rotation.

What’s more, it supports multi-shooting modes, including time-lapse shooting, timed shooting, loop shooting, photo continuous shooting, and motion induction. Maybe you would want to enable the Wi-Fi, so you can use the companion app. The camera provides full integration with free Modicum app (iOS and Android) over Wi-Fi. As for shooting video, the results are pleasing. The general image quality is good, and there’s no screen door effect either.

The MoKacam 4K outdoor camera can be called the smallest high-definition camera this year. It is available with a size of 45x45mm, weighing only 79g, so that you can easily take it anywhere. Ultimately, the Mokacam can be my go-to for outdoor activities. I love the creative thinking behind the batteries, the self-powered LCD screen and the ability to mount it magnetically. What’s more, the camera delivers decent photos and video. Overall, the Mokacam is good enough. Combined with the price, it makes a strong case to those who are looking for a camera with high cost-performance.

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